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Gintama Episode 305 Subbed

Gintama 2015 Episode 40. Watch Gintama Episode 305 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Gintama 2015 Series Episode 40 (305). Episode 305  in the TV Anime Series Gintama .



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  • kLa

    Hands down, this is the best anime i ever watched !
    I’m speechless…

  • pauldh

    Nothing can beat this anime.

  • BlueMist202

    I am seriously crying..
    Shinsuke don’t die please (T . T)

    • Daniel estrella

      Worry no more He’s definitely alive (y) … he wont die like that easily he’s our antagonist right? (please help me… i dont want to cry… )

      • BlueMist202

        I just watched the recent episode and I cannot begin to say how happy I am XD

  • xD

    Takasugi wont die in the manga xD

  • Sonimarioboom

    This video was nicely made, they put so much content form the manga into one video which is awesome but i’m disappointed by how this arc just seems to be fixing any loose ends. Normally that’s good, but in this case, it’s a horrible idea. This fight is filled with, they attack, both hurt, both lie down, flash back occurs that’s WAY to focused on Takasugi, repeat. I hope this arc revives itself, it was dead to me right when they just decided to add the shogun and main villain into one hot pot for an arc.

    • Daniel estrella

      uh seems new to me.

  • 445girl

    That ending tho