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Gintama Episode 314 Subbed

Gintama 2015 Episode 49. Watch Gintama Episode 314 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Gintama 2015 Series Episode 49 (314). Episode 314  in the TV Anime Series Gintama .



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  • achan219

    What the hell is going on here? i don’t understand, who’s that man? his teacher or not? Gin-chaaaaannn i pity on you :'(

    • Gabriel Roy

      I have not read the manga but I feel like its one of those possibilities
      1: He is Shoyo Brothers (That mean Gintoki did Kill Shoyo)
      2: He is a corrupted Shoyo (That mean Gintoki killed Shoyo’s Brother)
      3: Shoyo was revive with super powers (healing and they put his head back on)

      I personally think it’s the first one because gintoki knew the sword style of him. Now maybe Shoyo did not actually die and he will come back, maybe Gintoki only killed something that looked like him. Anyway, I want to see Jirocho and Piroko 🙁 My two favorites

      • Aman

        I have read the manga….Keep watching…its about to get freaking EPIC

        • Hakuryu

          but there are gonna be only 2 more episodes and then gintama will end just like before for at least 1 year or so are they gonna explain in these 2 episodes whats the deal with this shoyo ?

  • Clarry Fairy

    ahh, my feels are rolling again…

  • BlueMist202

    OMG wtf is happening?? (x _ x)
    I’m all screaming internally..

  • ЯIΥΛ

    Gintama.. mindblowing as ever

  • Richard Dean Smith

    Holy shit! Holy Shit! HOLY SHIT!!!