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Gintama Episode 315 Subbed

Gintama 2015 Episode 50. Watch Gintama Episode 315 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Gintama 2015 Series Episode 50 (315). Episode 315  in the TV Anime Series Gintama .



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  • Hakuryu

    so next weak it’s gonna be the last episode right ? to bad 🙁

  • achan219

    Is the next week the last one? 🙁

  • BlueMist202

    “Why don’t you think of something, then? Whatever. Let’s just go with Vag***.”

    Nobody gonna’ comment on that? XD
    I am both laughing and crying, dammit Gintama..

    • chaaay315

      Well coz every names are ended with “-ko” lol. That kinda tickled me as well xD


    Ah I tot gorrila would die. he had flashbacks too

  • Bernard Gatpayat

    The fuc*ing Feels!!!! I got goosebumps through most of this episode!
    just.. why??????

  • Euphoria L

    alright..It’s ending next week. not a bad thing tho, at least we don’t need to keep checking the count downs… right?….right?

  • Rawan Rayes

    the way she say isaburo is hurtful as fuck in the end :”(