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Gintama Episode 45 Subbed

Gintama Episode 45.
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Episode 45 of the TV Anime Series Gintama

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  • shagrath

    the wikia insists on telling that the tendoushu showed up in this episode and that they hinted about the atlanta issue but i’ve seen this episode 3 times and i haven’t seen any of it

  • Clarry Fairy

    this is the episode where the altana/ryumyaku was introduced. Sadaharu, apparently, is one of the beings who are guarding the altana on earth.

    • Paulo Ribeiro

      what i said was that i haven’t heard anything about it.the closest thing i heard was ane saying that the bakufu tear down their temple to build the terminal

      • Clarry Fairy

        the altana of the earth is at their temple, then the bakufu built the terminal on it.